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air conditioning equipment types explained

There are many different types of general air conditioner and heating equipments available to all consumers.  It may be some of some assistance to know the different types available and the basic difference in features, design, and operation. 

As a home or business owner you may not be aware of  what type of equipment you have.  The information below should help to provide you with an general understanding of the equipment available and how to tell them apart.

Common Air Conditioning &Heating Equipment:

Straight Cool Air Conditioner w/ Electric Heat
The typical Central Florida home central air conditioning unit is a split system type configuration.  What this means is there will be an outdoor air conditioning, also called a condenser unit, containing a compressor--the main refrigerant pump.  Along with the condenser unit outside, there will be an inside unit called an air handler unit.  The air handler unit contains the indoor coil which is also called the evaporator, and a blower housing consisting of a blower wheel and blower motor.  And finally, to complete this type of setup there will be an electric heat strip installed in the upper portion of the air handler unit to provide heat during the winter months.  With a straight cool air conditioning system containing electric heat strips you will find that during the heating cylce the outside condenser unit will not operate, however, the inside air handler will operate with the electric heat strips energized to provide your heating.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning & Heating unit
The typical Central Florida home central heat pump unit is also a split system type configurationGlossarytically from the exterior the heat pump system and the straight cool air conditioning system with electric heat look identical.  And it is for this very reason that a home or business owner may not know which type of cooling and heating system they own.  The difference between the two systems is actually quite dramatic.  We know how a straight cool system operates from what is stated above and we can now compare it's operation to that of a heat pump to shed light on what a heat pump system has to offer.  In a heat pump system you will have an outside unit (the Heat Pump) and an inside unit exactly like the inside unit of the straight cool air conditioning system configuration.  What makes the heat pump system different is when you use the system in the heating mode for heat during the winter months.  In a heat pump's outside unit there are "extra" components which actually change the path of the refrigerant causing the hot gas that is normally pumped into the outside coil to be pumped into the evaporator coil inside.  The blower of the air handler unit then transfers the cold air in the home or office across the hot coil and heats the air.  In other words, the outside unit in a heat pump system runs both in cooling and in heating mode.  This offers a tremendous boost in efficiency compared to the electric heat model.  You can expect lower monthly  electric bills during the winter months.

Package Unit
The typical Central Florida home central heating and cooling system is not a package unit per say. This type of unit is more commonly found on Mobile Homes or Modular Home configurations.  Central heating and cooling package units can be either a straight cool system with electric heating OR a heat pump system with electric heating as a second or third stage of auxilary heat.  Due to the compact design of the system there is an effective loss of efficiency that is common among all brands.  The typical package unit efficiency rating will fall between 13 SEER to 15 SEER.  SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating.   Quite often package systems are used in the commercial market place for cooling of large facilities.  These types of commercial or industrial package systems are very large in tonnage.  Commercial package units, also known as "Roof Top Units" or RTU's range from 5 ton to 40 ton and higher.  Their overall function is the same as the residential package unit system, however, the scale is obviously quite different.  At Allstate Air and Heat, Inc. we specialize in package unit installations.  Specially designed duct work is installed that can handle the outside elements and provide and effective barrier from unwanted heat transfer and moisture penetration.  

Furnace Unit 
The typical Central Florida home central furnace heating unit with air conditioning unit included will also incorporate a  split system type configuration for the air conditioning portion of the system.  Basically, in heating mode a natural gas furnace will be utilized to provide heat for the entire home.  In the summer time when cooling is required, a straight cool air conditioner with the evaporator coil installed inline with the air flow provided by the furnace blower motor will provide the necessary cooling for the entire home.  This configuration is actually quite common in newer homes that are utilizing natural gas service for there hot water, cooking, and clothes drying needs.


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