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Residential Duct Systems Installation & Repair in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island and Brevard County - Air Conditioning Service and Sales in Melbourne Florida - A/C Repair and Installation

Residential Duct Systems Installation & Repair

The integrity of the duct systems for your cooling and heating system are important to us.

If your air conditioning and heating units are the heart of your cooling and heating system, then the duct systems attached to them could be considered the veins and arteries that carry and allow the air to flow throughout your home to cool it and heat it.

Just like human veins and arteries, these long, winding lengths of ductwork must function properly or the health of the entire unit will suffer. If they leak, the hot or cold air will leak out and not reach the intended room or space, causing extra strain on the unit, greatly decreasing efficiency and causing costly utility bills. If they are dirty or clogged with dust and other contaminants, they can spread this throughout the entire system and make your entire home unhealthy, dirty and contaminated.

There are many things you can do to maintain the integrity of the duct systems for your cooling and heating system. The first thing is at least a yearly checkup of your systems, including all the ductwork. At the very least you should have it checked out every two years and sanitized properly in order to keep it free of contaminants.

New Home Residential Duct System Installations

We will be glad to come to your new residential home construction and be your cooling and heating contractor for your job. We will install the entire cooling and heating system, all the controls and all the ductwork throughout your entire new home. We use only ENERY STAR rated equipment on all our new residential installations. The inner core of the flex duct we install is coated with Agion® Antimicrobial Technology which resists mold-fungus growth and incorporates Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free Insulation that is effective against a broad spectrum of Bacteria.

We also use only GREENGUARD certified duct work materials. What is GREEN GUARD Certified mean to you? Products or materials that qualify for a “GREENGUARD” IAQ or Indoor Air Quality certification have been tested to key government and regulatory programs standards. The GREENGUARD IAQ certification program is a product emissions performance-based standard. Products are tested to GREENGUARD standards for total VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), TLV’s (Threshold Limit Values), respirable particles, odorants, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and certain irritants. Products like insulation board or duct board, flex duct work, and other related duct work materials all can fall within the realm of this standard. Manufactures of these types of products make an accretive effort to have all of their products tested for compliance to gain this certification.

On existing homes, we can come in and perform a complete inspection of the existing ductwork in your home, take out any old ductwork that needs to be upgraded and install new ductwork in its place, or make any repairs that can be made to existing ductwork to bring it up to performance standard. If your home doesn’t have air conditioning or duct work we can provide a comprehensive plan that will optimize your existing floor plan and living patterns and provide perfect air flow through out your home.

Leaks, Leaks, Leaks

Absolutely the biggest problem with duct systems is leaks. Every joint and fitting along all that ductwork can be a source of a leak. These can usually be easily and inexpensively fixed, but you have to have us come in and find them first. Again, leaks can be very costly in higher utility bills and excess strain on your unit, so it is money well spent. We will be glad to come check your duct systems for leaks.

How Can I Tell If I Might Have Bad Ductwork?

If your ducts are bad you will notice things like an increase in the amount of noise of the system, rooms that seem too hot or too cold, or rooms where the air does not seem to be blowing as hard as it should be. That is a dead giveaway of leaking ductwork. In some cases you may start to see small black flakes on your dresser or on your bed comforter and carpet. This is an instant red flag that there is some serious mold issues caused by deterioration of the insulation. This deterioration allows the hot air from the attic to permeate the duct walls and cause the inside of your duct to sweat. The inside walls of your duct work system is the perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive. Should you see any of these symptoms give us a call as we will promptly address the issue for you.


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