Are there any Rebates available?

YES: Some manufactures offer factory equipment rebates, however, Goodman and Amana never offer factory equipment rebates. Most of these type of rebates expire after a short period of time and the pricing reverts back to the original price point. Goodman and Amana have tremendously low price points through the year. On average, if you compare a Carrier or Trane system to an Amana system of the same efficiency and tonnage, you will find that the Amana system will be 20%-30% lower in price to install,.....and that's with their rebates included. On another note, there are Florida Power and Light (FPL) rebates available on equipment match ups rating higher than 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). We have taken the liberty of loading an image of FPL's Rebate Chart for your review. Depending on the air conditioner system tonnage/size and it's air conditioning and heating SEER rating you could receive an INSTANT FPL Rebate of up to $1300.00 or higher.

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