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Air Conditioning Commercial Service, Repair and Maintenance in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island and Brevard County - Air Conditioning Service and Sales in Melbourne Florida - A/C Repair and Installation

Commercial Service, Repair & Maintenance

We Are The Business Other Businesses Turn To.

Since 2006 we have prided ourselves in being the business that other businesses turn to, when they need work done on their Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning systems in Melbourne. Whenever you have any type of business or commercial enterprise, especially with the sweltering Florida heat, you absolutely have to have your air conditioning system working at 100% all the time. Proper servicing and preventive maintenance of your system will help to avoid system failures and down time.

Commercial Office Buildings

If you are in a small or large commercial office environment, what are you going to do when it is almost 100 degrees outside and your HVAC system goes out? Most commercial buildings are modern, sealed environment type buildings, with many of them, especially high-rise buildings, having sealed windows that don't even open. You end up having to basically evacuate the building after a few hours while you wait for someone to come in and get your system back up and running.

Unless your commercial building has a maintenance staff that includes professional, fully equipped and qualified personnel, then the company you need to keep your system properly maintained, serviced and repaired is Allstate Air and Heat Inc. Make no mistake about it, we can take care of your commercial office A/C requirements from initial installation to regular maintenance, but we will also be there if something fails and you need to get back up and running fast. If a home unit goes down a family can stay at a hotel if necessary and be fine. Not so with a commercial business, where time is money and every single minute that employees are not able to do their jobs is money lost, work left undone, orders left unshipped, etc. In short, a disaster. Please let us take care of all of your commercial office HVAC needs.

Restaurants and Storefronts

If you own a restaurant or storefront, you know that walk-in traffic is your lifeblood and their comfort level... on every level... when they walk in your door is 100% essential to your business's success. Nobody will sit and eat at a restaurant where the A/C is out and it's boiling hot and nobody will linger and shop at a store that is 100 degrees inside. When you hire Allstate Air and Heat Inc. to install or maintain your system, we will keep it in proper working condition and functioning 24/7. If your system ever does go out, and this is unlikely with a properly maintained system, we will be there on the spot to get you back up and serving your customers in comfort, as soon as humanly possible.

Let us earn your business. Call the Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor of choice in Melbourne, Florida today for a FREE estimate and you'll be one step closer to the service and comfort you deserve. We will repair your air conditioning and heating system correctly, the first time!

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Our list of services is constantly evolving to better suit our customer's needs. Providing quick, timely response to every call is our primary objective. Through constant evaluation of our procedures and execution we are able to mold our service and installation efforts around the customer's needs. 100% customer satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome.

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