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- Air Conditioning Service and Sales in Melbourne Florida - A/C Repair and Installation


about our recent projects

Allstate Air and Heat was recently hired to install a complete new multi evaporator Mitusibshi air conditioning system to support the member and guest facilities

Mitusibshi has recently engineered uniquely designed small evaporator units that work as remote cooling non-ducted a/c units for small places. Melbourne Yacht Club required a (4) evaporator system with a single completely variable speed condenser unit. The installation was a complete success!


Melbourne Beach private residence

Allstate Air and Heat was hired to replace an aged non-repairable central heat pump air conditioning system with a new Tax Credit qualifying, energy efficient system. Allstate Air and Heat and Amana brand air conditioning systems come to the rescue once again.

This Customer opted for a programmable Honeywell thermostat, an Ultra Violet Bio-Fighter lamp, and a High Efficiency HEPA (Merv-11) Filtration system. The air handler equipment was moved from the floor space in the garage to the attic in order to reclaim storage area in their garage. A new copper line set was pull for two reasons. The first was to remove any possible failure points due to old material. The second reason for replacing the copper line set was to remove any possible chance of contamination from the old equipments oil type. The new system operates on R410a refrigerant and requires a different oil type. A new plywood floor and a custom made secondary drain pan were added for convenience and safety. The UV light was selected because the customer has pets and allergies. Along with the new equipment installation, Allstate Air and Heat installed an entirely new duct work system for the whole home. The new duct work system along with the new supply and return air plenums were sealed to ACCA National Duct Standards. The installation was a complete success.


recent projects list

The list below includes both commercial and residential installations that Allstate Air and Heat has completed in the recent past. We pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to make the customer 100% satisfied after the sale!

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