What equipment do you sell?

Any and ALL air conditioning contracts licensed in the state of Florida are able to sell any brand that they choose. Contractors in the air conditioning and heating field make many decisions at the time they are licensed. Perhaps the most important decision is that of choosing which brand they will sell. Contractors pick and choose which brand to sell based on these reasons, many of which are not in the best interest of the customer. Highest profit margins and dealer incentives are but a few of these reasons.

We here at Allstate Air and Heat, Inc. have our reasons for selling the brands we offer to you, our customer. Our reasons are focused entirely on the customer. Industry leading warranties and highest value in terms of quality of build for the dollar are but a few of the reasons. With these criteria in mind we feel good about the decision we have made in selling Amana brand air conditioning equipment and Goodman brand air conditioning equipment. We sell other brands of air conditioners and heating equipment upon request should you have a desire for a specific brand

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