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Commercial Cooling & Heating Change outs in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island and Brevard County - Air Conditioning Service and Sales in Melbourne Florida - A/C Repair and Installation

Commercial Cooling & Heating Change outs

The A/C Contractor Melbourne, Florida Businesses Turn To

We can maintain and keep your commercial cooling and heating systems in top shape for years and years, but the fact is that at some point in time, you eventually will have to change out certain parts of your commercial cooling and heating system, or maybe even upgrade it completely. When it comes time to do this, please call Allstate Air and Heat Inc., of Melbourne, for a free quote on getting the most efficient, energy saving equipment for your particular business, at the best possible price.

When Is It Time To Change Out?

When you are running a business you keep a sharp eye on your bottom line and that includes your utility bills. You need the most efficient cooling and heating system you can have in order to save you money on utility bills and any system repairs. If you are seeing a noticeable increase in your utility bills, or you have had to have your commercial unit serviced more often than usual, then it's probably time to consider replacing, upgrading or changing out certain parts of your unit.

If Your Unit Is Older Than Ten Years

A common rule of thumb is that if your heat pump or A/C unit is ten years old or older, it is a good time to replace it. There are very sound, practical reasons for this. The technology of the new units available today is far superior to the units manufactured ten years ago. The newer units are much more efficient than units manufactured ten years ago. The filtration and sanitization options available today will offer you a much healthier workplace. There will be an investment up-front, but this will still be very affordable. In the long-term, it will save you money every month that will go a long way toward giving you a nice ROI. When you have us install a new unit with an ENERGY STAR label you can expect to save up to around 20% per month on your utility bills.

Excessive Noise

If you have noticed that your unit has begun to produce more noise than usual when operating, there could be a problem with your duct systems or this could indicate that you need to have your cooling coil changed out or removed and have a proper coil cleaning performed on it. As your coil becomes impacted with dust and other small particles, it naturally begins to restrict air flow through the unit. This restriction of air flow We will be glad to come check it out for you and give you a quote.

Hot or Cold Rooms

If some rooms in your building seem like they are too hot or too cold it could indicate improper insulation or a faulty duct system, or again, it could be time to change out your equipment to achieve proper efficiency throughout your building.

Humidity Problems

If you are having problems with the air in your building being too dry in the winter or too humid in the summer, this could be an indication of poor equipment efficiency and operation, or a leaky duct system. Give us a call and we will be glad to come check out your humidity problems, make a recommendation and give you a free quote on fixing it.

Let us earn your business. Call the Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor of choice in Melbourne, Florida today for a FREE estimate and you'll be one step closer to the service and comfort you deserve. We will repair your air conditioning and heating system correctly, the first time!


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