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UV Germicidal Lamps Systems in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island and Brevard County - Air Conditioning Service and Sales in Melbourne Florida - A/C Repair and Installation

UV Germicidal Lamps Systems

Ultra Violet Light is by far the most cost effective and beneficial for long term air care.

The air you breathe while indoors is the dirtiest air you ever breathe during each day and can actually have very dangerous levels of microscopic viruses and bacteria in it. One of the most important things to remember is that your A/C system is a sealed system and because of that fact, it will trap all these contaminants and other unhealthy things such as dirt, dust, viruses, bacteria, mold and dust mites and just keep re-circulating them.

These contaminants cause all kinds of very serious health issues every year, especially with children, the elderly and anyone with respiratory problems. People who suffer with asthma are particularly vulnerable to the problems caused by contaminated air in cooling and heating systems.

Of all the upgrades to your air conditioning and duct work system that you can purchase, the Ultra Violet Light is by far the most cost effective and beneficial for long term air care.

Have Us Install A High Efficiency HEPA Air Filtration System

Once these contaminants are in your A/C system, they are hard to get out, but there are a few things we can do for you that will get rid of them, and then significantly reduce their accumulation from that point on. Having us install a HEPA air filtration system on your heating and cooling systems will help tremendously. We recommend using at the very least, a High Efficiency HEPA (Merv-11) Filtration system for your home. These filters are so fine that they will trap and eliminate a huge percentage of all these really nasty contaminants that can be flowing throughout your home.

If you have anyone in your home that has asthma or respiratory issues, and you are not using HEPA filters, we strongly urge you to have us sanitize your duct system and then install one of these filtration systems on your unit immediately. It may surprise you to know that a new home has about 20 lbs. of dirt, dust and construction debris leftover in the duct systems after construction. If you have never had your duct systems cleaned out and sanitized all this material is still in there floating around. But the real problem is still viruses and bacteria.

Ultra Violet Bio-Fighter Lamps

While a HEPA filtration system will trap a large amount of the contaminants, the newest weapons in the arsenal of killing viruses and bacteria in the air in your home or business are Ultra Violet Bio-Fighter lamps, which are actually installed directly into your A/C system, where the air circulates directly around them and is bathed in the UV light. The Ultra Violet light they produce specifically targets all the harmful viruses and bacteria down at the DNA level, killing them instantly. In fact, UV lighting systems are so effective they are now used in many hospital operating rooms to kill micro-organisms and stop the spread of diseases and infection. You can have this same technology working for you in your home A/C system to kill these viruses and bacteria in your home or office building!

Let us earn your business. Call the Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor of choice in Melbourne, Florida today for a FREE estimate and you'll be one step closer to the service and comfort you deserve. We will be glad to install your Ultra Violet Bio-Fighter lamps in your system today and get you breathing healthier air right away!

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