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providing real solutions to comfort issues in your home

In all the years we have been in the HVACR or HVAC industry, we have never seen a more valid, truthful, professional, valuable approach than with the Comfort Institute approach at REALLY solving the problems our customers are having with comfort in their own homes.

Every year many different companies contact us with products and "systems" that they say will provide results to all of our customer's dust, mold, mildew, allergy issues. Unfortunately, when we take a closer look at what these companies are offering we see that it's mostly "smoke and mirror". These companies will, ever so conveniently, skate over the areas that would shoot holes in their product or "system". Until now, through all these years this is what we've come up against in finding REAL opportunities to provide additional advanced services to our customers,......until now!

Allstate Air and Heat, Inc. has partnered with Comfort Institute in an effort to better help homeowners achieve a safe, healthy, clean, comfortable and affordable living environment. Here's what the professionals at Comfort Institute have to say,

"Unlike over 98% of the contractors in the Comfort and Indoor Air Quality industry, CI Member contractors have the ability to look at the whole building as an interactive system. They have the advanced training and test instruments needed to perform diagnostic testing on mechanical equipment, duct systems and the thermal envelope. This unique Performance Testing approach ensures that the true causes of whatever unique problems you maybe suffering from will be properly identified.

- --

Instead of selling band-aids for symptoms, CI member contractors then propose permanent solutions for problems. They have the ability to provide a much wider range of solutions than single-focus companies, and they also network with other reputable service providers to help you implement solutions outside their core area of expertise.

HVAC contractors supported by Comfort Institute “go beyond the box” to diagnose and solve, IAQ and comfort problems. They have invested in the training and diagnostic instruments needed, have become air distribution system and thermal envelope specialists, and understand that “The House Is An Interactive System”".

customer tips

educate yourself before you purchase

Do your homework and educate yourself before you purchase any type of air conditioning, heating, duct work repair or duct work replacement, or any other type of HVAC related products or services.

We've tried to include some of the most important information you'll need while trying to make up your mind on whether to have a/c repair done or a/c replacement. You'll also find some helpful tips on how to make an air conditioning system purchase or a heating system purchase.

Simply click on a file and it will open in a new window. After reviewing the documents please don't hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns. We're here to help.

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