Hot Water Recovery Unit - Hot Item!!!

Any home a/c system or heat pump a/c systemin Florida that generates hot gas at a temperature at or above 130 degrees F (that's pretty much any air condtioning system 14 SEER or lower) as the gas leaves the compressor is suitable for sub cooling the refrigerant; this includes the newer systems being sold using R410a refrigerant. Hot water recovery units work with ALL brands and is only limited by temperatures generated. The hotter the refrigerant gets when your air conditioner is running, the more heat you can extract and turn into FREE hot water. The higher the energy efficiency (SEER) rating, the cooler the refrigerant temperature may be, giving the Heat Recovery Unit less to work with and slowing the production of free hot water. Some super high SEER models (18 SEER and up) don't always get hot gas temperatures above 130° F. The sub cooling doesn't operate well under this condition. However, there is still a significant amount of heat that can be removed and in turn assist the water heater in reaching it's set point quicker, therefore saving you money.

The ECU Hot Water Generator Exchanger is connected to a water heater and an air conditioner, heat pump, or multiple air conditioners or heat pumps. A small pump circulates “cold” water from the bottom of the water heater tank through the heat exchanger within the hot water recovery unit or ECU where it hot refrigerant gas from the compressor heats the water via a heat exchanger.

The resulting heated domestic water is then pumped or circulated back to the water heater. This process reclaims the otherwise wasted heat from compressor discharge temperatures that would otherwise be dissipated into the ambient air stream. This process of heat transfer is a proven principle of energy recycling that produces abundant hot water safely and economically,......FREE, how's that for economical.

Product specifications:

•230 volt wiring for easy connection to compressor contractor
•Factory wired and preset controls
•Fully automatic operation
•High-Efficiency Vented Double-Wall Heat Exchanger
•Water lubricated low wattage Circulator
•Grounded electrical circuit
•Sturdy Aluminum Cabinet with baked enamel finish for outdoor or indoor use
•ARL listed Appliance, with UL approved components
•Freeze-stat option available
•Dual Unit with Single coil available

Besides getting FREE hot water there are some tremendous benefits to having a Hot Water Recovery unit installed in your home. The ECU heat recovery unit also reduces the compressor load, which increases compressor efficiency and extends compressor life. The ARL test indicates a full 1+ seer increase in the AC or Heat Pump system efficiency. This is great benefit in these tough times, besides providing your customer with “FREE” domestic hot water.



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