The Gould Residence, Palm Bay FL

The Gould family was in desperate need of a new duct system for their lovely home. After spending some time discussing the options with the home owner we came to the conclusion that now was the time to go ahead with the entire duct work system replacement.

The original system was based on 1" glass duct board material that was installed when the home was built in the mid 70's. The original installation was poorly constructed and has been hurting the family financially since the day they purchased the home! Improperly built duct work can cost you hundreds of dollars annually and in some cases it could cost you thousands in wasted energy costs.

The new duct system will be a combination of fabricated 1.5" duct board and various sized Quiet Flex flexed duct work. All joints will be sealed with high velocity duct mastic designed to seal the joint and prevent all air from escaping. A complete new "duct work design/sizing" will be accomplished in order to guarantee proper air flow and correct air flow issues from the old duct design.


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