What can I do to help with allergy problems?

We are asked the question many times by our customers, "What can we do to help with allergy issues in our home?" This is a great question and we would like to think that as air conditioning and heating specialist we can offer some sound advice on increasing the indoor air quality in your home. Keep in mind that there may be many things in your home other than the a/c system that are contributing to the overall allergen level in your home. But if we focus on the ac system and try to address the issues that deal directly with it, we will able to make a list of suspect items that could be affecting the indoor air quality in an adverse way.

Your air handler or furnace works very hard to provide all the rooms in your home with adequate air flow to maintain the temperature you desire. In moving that air it must pass through your duct work system to deliver the cold or hot air to that space. In the air your air handler is circulating are particles of dust, pollen, air born bacteria, some moisture that hasn't been removed yet, other inert gases from any number of things, some other cellular based particles like spores, and air born viruses. All of these things are circulated through out your home on a continual basis. Your filtration system can catch some of this material but not all of it.
Over time much of this material builds up with in the duct board and on the walls of your flex duct or sheet metal duct work. Also, over time your duct system begins to loose it's efficiency and the insulation begins to break down to a point where cold air can permeate the walls as well as hot air permeating the walls. This causes your duct system to "sweat" on the inside adding moisture to a cool dark area,.....the perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive. If your duct work has entered this phase if it's life then it's time to replace it with new efficient duct work.

Long before your duct system gets to the stage where it need to be replaced, it will need to be sanitized in order to kill any dust mites, mold or mildew that might be present, and bacteria. The beauty of the having your ducts sanitized is that it is a totally NON evasive process that does not disturb the integrity of the duct in any way. There is absolutely not possibility of damaging your duct work or worse yet exposing raw glass. The sanitizing agent is administered using a fogging machine that mists the entire duct work system including the entire inside of your air handler or furnace unit. EVERYTHING in the path of the air flow of the system is sanitized.
The sanitizing agent is a non toxic agent that has been used for over 30 years in the food industry. It is 100% safe for your plants and pets and more importantly, your family.

As a Premier Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor in your local area, we are constantly looking to add services that provide comfort and "REAL" value to your living environment. Duct sanitation has tremendous benefits and is an incredible value! Sanitizing your duct work is a quick and painless process that kills mold, mildew, bacteria, spores, viruses, dust mites, etc. For a small fee we can sanitize your duct system and take the first step in providing your family with a cleaner more comfortable indoor environment. Take a moment to look at the options you can employ to increase the indoor air quality of your home today.

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